Jessen James


UK Public Speaking Champion, 7 Times Award Winning International Speaker, Entrepreneur & Sought After Business Mentor, Jessen James is the Founder of The Business & Marketing School™ and Author of The Great Business Jailbreak™

His events and systems are renowned for getting business owners and entrepreneurs FAST RESULTS!

Having built, bought and sold multiple businesses himself, Jessen has had some amazing wins and some rather spectacular fails too! He now dedicates his time to serving others to better their lives and businesses by sharing his learnings.

Jessen has spoken to and trained thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world, has featured on National TV including Channel 5’s ‘Rich House Poor House’ and was shortlisted for the well known Television Show "The Apprentice" [Ah well, that's Lord Sugar's loss :-)]

Based on 'real life' experiences and not a textbook, Jessen's students and clients gain valuable strategies which save them time, money and pain! Perhaps you're wondering who I am and why should you even give me your precious time....?

Well, the truth is, I've been where you perhaps are right now. I've been a CORPORATE SLAVE, working my butt off, making someone else endless amounts of money only to be undervalued, unappreciated and eventually disposed of.

I've owned a business and failed miserably, I've tried again only to discover that after working 80 hour + weeks, neglecting my health, neglecting my relationships and worst of all sacrificing my time and happiness only to realise that I don't actually own a business.... I had given myself ANOTHER job with a crap boss (ME!) who didn't give me any time off.

Not only did I realise that I was 'self-employed' and not a true 'business owner' but I realised that I wasn't doing as well as people thought I was and often found myself paying off everyone else at the end of the month and sometimes being able to give myself a 'minimum' wage if I was lucky!


You can discover 'exactly' what I did to change this when you attend one of my events, classes or read my book, but in a nutshell, I was able to turn this all around using 7 key principles that allowed me to go from self - employed to an actual 'financially free' business owner in under 12 months.



  • Expert Tech Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Co-founder of Success Media!
    Paul Wilson
    Success Media
  • The Go To Guy For Sales Training! Twice Redundant To Leading Expert In His Field!
    Vish Babber
    Expert Growth Academy
  • Over £25 Million of Extra Revenue in Just 7 Months from Working with Jessen!
    David Reid
  • From The Pits of Depression To International Speaker, No 1 Best Selling Author and Online Entrepreneur!
    Chloe Bisson
    The Automation Queen
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