Advanced Sales School

Advanced Sales School

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Advanced Sales School™

A 2 day, advanced programme for sales professionals and entrepreneurs looking to close more sales and generate more revenue into their businesses.

As this is a “Workshop” you will be expected to role play and participate in interactive activities throughout to solidify your learning. You will learn exactly how to turn prospects into sales and when to walk away from a prospect with your dignity and pride in tact!

Who is it for?

  • Business Owners
  • Sales Professionals, Staff or Managers
  • Self-Employed Service Based Entrepreneurs i.e. Consultants, coaches, accountants, network marketers etc.
  • Business Managers
  • Senior Business Leaders
  • Start Up Companies and Businesses

Who is it not for?

  • Anyone who does not have an open mind
  • Anyone who thinks they do not need help and are not coachable
  • Anyone who has no intention of applying the knowledge gained afterwards
  • Anyone who doesn’t not have the desire to develop their confidence in sales

Course Description/Outcomes:

Day 1 – Understanding the difference between “Selling” and “Closing” and why not understanding this is affecting your sales. Learning the psychology of sales and influence required to turn prospects into buyers. Understanding your own attitude towards sales, making money and buying products yourself so you can stop sabotaging your sales conversations.

Day 2 – Advanced sales strategies and closing techniques including how to close a sale over the phone. How to handle objections to the sale like a true professional without losing control of the sales process. Live Sales roleplay with expert feedback given.

Course Investment: £1397 + VAT

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