Success Stories


David Reid


Over £25 Million of Extra Revenue in Just 7 Months from Working with Jessen!

Multiple Award Winning CEO!

Already a seasoned Multiple 7 Figure Business Owner when he met Jessen just 7 short months ago, founder of Birtenshaw, specialist schools for children David Reid knew he wanted more.

Within 6 weeks of working with Jessen, David went on to generating an additional £5.6 Million of revenue into business with just one strategy he learned!

As if that wasn't good enough, he recently implemented another strategy Jessen taught him to generate a further £21 Million into his business just a few months later!

David's business keeps going from strength to strength after implementing the principles you will learn at the Business Growth Masterclass™ and so will yours when you show up, remain coachable and more importantly, take massive ACTION!

Chloe Bisson

1The Automation Queen Academy

"The Automation Queen"

From The Pits of Depression To International Speaker, No 1 Best Selling Author and Online Entrepreneur!

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life?

A few short years back Chloe was and she had some important decisions to make.

After her relationship breaking down and losing her home at the age of 24 Chloe thought things could not get any worse, sadly she was in for a reality check....

Her employer at the time sacked her! Have you ever had a time in your life when things go from bad to worse...?

At the time she did not know what to do nor did she understand why all of this was happening to her. However, as with all adversity in life, there's always a lesson that you cannot see at the time.

Chloe's 'rejection' was actually a 'redirection' to something much better!

With a new found "Determined & Dangerous" attitude, she decided to take life by the horns and take matters into her own hands. She launched her Online Business The Automation Queen and began living again!

Chloe has since become an International Speaker, featured on the cover of Global Woman Magazine, A Best Selling Author and sought after Mentor!

By working with Jessen James, she has gone on to triple her prices, work less, get paid more and have more fun! One of the biggest breakthroughs she had working with Jessen was him removing a mental "blockage" she had which catapulted her to writing her best selling book "Determined & Dangerous" in 10 Days then having it become No1 Best Seller on Amazon in 3 Hours of launch using Jessen's marketing strategies!

Vish Babber

1Expert Growth Academy

The Go To Guy For Sales Training.

Twice Redundant To Leading Expert In His Field.

In 2016, Vish went from rising on the Corporate ladder to being made redundant, not once, but twice in the same year. After successfully delivering $35 million USD worth of sales through his sales team to the company he was working for. He was asked to document everything he had taught the team he had personally hired and trained to work for the business, as they were the most successful sales team in the business internationally, even though none of them had sales experience before this.

He had failed in business before, BADLY and this had left him nervous for what lay ahead, he wanted to start his own business again and not have to work for a Corporate giant again where there was less job security. He needed no convincing that this was it now.

Vish's passion and expertise lay in teaching people how to sell, a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis meant he could teach people covert sales strategies that they could use themselves to grow their businesses as well, and this is EXACTLY what Vish does right now for his clients by teaching them Covert Selling. Selling without selling, without creating pressure on the customer and delivering a satisfying experience to them, when they know they have purchased something that fulfils all their needs.

Vish wants to take his strategies and training internationally and change the way Sales is viewed by customers and sales people.

With the knowledge and strategies gained from Jessen James, Vish has established himself as the go to expert on creating Influence and delivering sales training to people all around the world. He is a Speaker, Trainer, Business Mentor and Growth Hacker. His pool of customers and prospects has increased three fold in the last 6 months, and he is continuing to grow his own business and that of his clients using the strategies taught to him by Jessen.

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